Our Clients

Index Ventures

Industry: Venture Capital

Index Ventures needed dependable IT that allowed them to focus on pioneering investments without disruption.
Working with the Director of Technology, we support them online and on-site to maintain smooth operations in their London office, as well as assisting with major projects like office setup.

Box to Box Films

Industry: Media Production

As an award-winning documentary production company, Box to Box are frequently working on ambitious projects with fast turnaround times and need robust tech to support this.
We deliver rapid responses to technical issues day to day as well as assisting with longer term projects like network design and office relocation.
To safeguard the company’s many confidential projects, we’ve upgraded their cybersecurity, conducting in-depth security reviews, implemented advanced tools, and educated their team on best practices.

Secret Escapes

Industry: Travel

We designed Secret Escapes’ IT infrastructure from the ground up and helped them scale their business from 50 people to over 300 across several offices across Europe.
They needed to have a system that was scalable in the future and suitable for their budget. We designed and implemented a solution with this in mind, working both remotely and onsite to set up their office and to keep it running smoothly, including facilitating complex office relocations and leading on network design and implementation projects.
This robust IT infrastructure empowers them to focus on delivering exceptional travel experiences while trusting Fusion4IT for steadfast technical support.

General Catalyst

Industry: Venture Capital

Operating closely with the core business in the US and the Head of Technology, we’ve enabled General Catalyst to focus on strategic investments by delivering seamless operational support to their London office.
Through our helpdesk and on-site support, we maintain a consistently high standard of technical infrastructure as well as executing major projects like setting up new offices.

OR Media

Industry: Media Production

To ensure OR Media’s impressive portfolio of documentaries are completed on time and to the highest standard, we provide seamless IT support, industry expertise, and rapid response times.
In addition to promptly resolving critical IT incidents via our helpdesk, we’ve worked on large-scale IT projects such as office moves and the design and implementation of robust network infrastructures.
To ensure a high level of security is maintained across projects, we’ve conducted rigorous security reviews, tailored guidance, advanced tools, and training for their teams.

Venture Global

Industry: Venture Capital

Venture Global is a prominent global liquid natural gas supplier who require consistent and reliable IT across their European offices.Working with Venture Global's US team, we set up and maintained IT for offices throughout Europe.
By prioritising consistent and reliable support, we ensure seamless operations, empowering Venture Global's European branches with streamlined IT infrastructure to become world leaders in their field.

Azimuth Post Production

Industry: Media Production

Azimuth is a post-production house that offers premier services to their clients and making use of the latest technological advances in their field.
Recently, we led a demanding high-level technical fit-out across a seven-story infrastructure. This project involved implementing cutting-edge industry-specific technology and tailored network configurations, elevating Azimuth's technological capabilities.
Our responsive helpdesk ensures they meet their client deadlines consistently and we routinely review and upgrade their cybersecurity to ensure the confidentiality of their projects.

Virtual Post

Industry: Media Production

We support the essential operations of post-production house Virtual Post by providing a dedicated full-time engineer stationed at their Brighton office. This tailored service significantly enhances Virtual Post's operational efficiency, ensuring immediate and on-site technical support as an integral part of their team.
We supplement this with a comprehensive suite of services, including a responsive helpdesk and project assistance so that Virtual Post can continue to create excellent TV programmes.

Nicholas Clements - Headmaster of Bronte School
"We've had fantastic service from Fusion4IT. The team is outstanding - an intelligent, thoughtful approach meant they quickly won confidence. So, a very happy client!"

Bronte School

Industry: Education
The school left their previous IT supplier due to poor network connectivity, a failing server infrastructure, and slow response times which were seriously disrupting the work of students and staff.
Understanding the impact of reliable IT on student experience, Fusion4IT prioritizes rapid response times on the helpdesk and have upgraded their network and server infrastructure and all teacher and student machines.
We assist the school in the planning and implementation of their cyber security policies. We advise on best practices and best solutions to protect both the staff and the students.


Industry: Cosmetics
We provide support services to ByTerry, an award-winning luxury cosmetics company, across their London and Paris offices.
Our services, including a responsive helpdesk, regular on-site presence, and adept project management and implementation, are tailored to meet the unique needs of the cosmetics industry.
By swiftly resolving any technical issues, we enable ByTerry to focus on innovation and delivering exceptional products to their customers around the world.


Industry: Business operations software
Yoobic is a digital platform for frontline staff for major brands like Boots, Lidl, and Lacoste.
With a particular focus on optimizing critical IT processes like onboarding, offboarding, and machine builds, we ensure the seamless operation of these essential functions by providing IT services for their London office.
Any disruption to Yoobic’s own technology would have a negative impact on the operations of the clients who rely on their platform, so we provide dedicated support that enables them to maintain an efficient and agile infrastructure.